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Andrzej Nowicki

Oracle Database Administrator with experience in Oracle RAC and DataGuard

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So… I decided to create a blog :)

I wanted to use this occasion to learn something new on the way, so I decided to use Jackyll and Github Pages. This way, I don’t have to care about the hosting, distributing the newest version, etc. . The only thing left was to find a theme…

There are many interesting themes available for free on the Internet. I found several themes I really liked, but I had choose one… So I went with Minimal Mistakes by Michael Rose.


It was really easy to customize the author information visible in the sidebar. Linking my Linkedin and Github account was simply a matter of entering my username in _config.yml file. However, I wanted to show off my OCP badge so I had to customize the sidebar on left some more. All I had to do was add this snippet of code to _includes/_author-bio.html:

{% if author.acclaim %}
	<a href="{{ author.acclaim }}" class="author-social" target="_blank">
		<img style="margin-top: 10px; width:90%" src="{{ site.url }}/images/oracle_professional_XL.png" alt="Oracle Certified Professional badge">
{% endif %}

Then, I configured my acclaim username in the _config.yml and uploaded the badge image. And it worked!

If you’re interested in the internals of this website, feel free to have a look at the source code available on github.